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And after the first mile, it isn’t fun anymore. The adrenaline is wearing off, the sweat is starting to build, your legs are getting weaker, the runners are more spread out. That first mile is like a blur of fans cheering and coaches yelling and runners stampeding to the marker. But once you’ve crossed that first marker, there’s a little voice in your head saying “how am I going to do two more?” It seems like the most simple task of putting one foot in front of another takes all of your energy. And that’s what cross country is about, the race isn’t easy. Nothing about cross country is easy. But the reward is so fulfilling and worth it that even though when we cross the finish line we say “never again” the next week we’re back at the starting line.

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I wanna do cross country next year but im scared I won't be good enough! Any advice? On what to do?

That’s kind of the beauty of cross country. There’s usually no cuts or tryouts, so everybody gets the opportunity to run. There are no requirements. Feel free to start running now and get a “running start.” It will DEFINITELY help you so much when the season does start. 

Cross Country is SO much fun and team oriented and you will make so many amazing friends and have so much fun. ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!


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I love winter running, but it's super snowy on the east coast currently. that wouldn't be a problem if both the roads and sidewalks weren't very icy. I really have no interest injuring myself in my offseason and I hate running on treadmills, so do you think 30-45 minute HIIT/cardio workouts indoors would be a good replacement? I'll run whenever I can, but it looks like I'm in for a bad winter. thanks! :)

30 minutes every other day really should be enough to keep your fitness up. Mix on some faster stuff just to keep some speed, and you should be good to go. That would be the bare minimum I think.

If you were to do some HIIT/cardio at home for 30-45 minutes everyday or most days of the week, I think you would be fine. Good luck with your break and your upcoming track seasons!